Metamask is required by Etherpoly

The Metamask plugin is required by Etherpoly. Metamask is a wallet and a browser extension that allows you to interact with the Ethereum network.

A screenshot of the MetaMask browser Extension

Supported Browsers

Metamask is also available on mobile

Make sure you refresh the page after installing the extension.

Connect Metamask to use Etherpoly

Please connect your Metamask plugin by clicking on Connect button below. This will allow you to interact with Etherpoly.

City Transfers

City transfers occur when a City is sold, transfered or Approved for transfer and Taken by the approved address.

Transfer Approvals

Transfer approval is required to take ownership of a city, though a direct transfer does require prior approval.


Upgrades are acquired by owners of Cities in order to increase their revenues output. Click on Help on the top bar for more information.